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Lauren has been a professional in the field of psychology and healing for most of her adult life. She has had a private practice working with children and adults for decades. She was the founder and creator of A Hero’s Journey self-esteem workshops which she owned and operated in Boulder, Colorado throughout the eighties and nineties. Hundreds of people including children, women, teens and even leukemia patients at Children’s Hospital in Denver experienced Lauren’s workshops

Lauren has a way of making emotional work fun. People enjoy the work they do and gain insights and clarity from the coaching sessions she offers.
In 2011 Lauren added horses to her work. She enrolled in Melisa Pearce’s Touched by a Horse ® program and became a certified Equine Gestalt Method Coach in 2014. This method uses gestalt practices and horses to counsel humans and help them discover their own inner knowing.

Lauren’s true gift is her deep connection to the horses. This is an ability she has had since childhood. She has a way of being  with them in an expanded reality that reaches far beyond space and time and touches both horse and human in a way that transforms both.

The horses partner with Lauren in the guiding of the clients. They have an innate knowledge of energy systems and can balance chakras and clear the human energy fields. The horses also have been known to use pantomime to show a person something about their behavior. Some horses are expert physical healers and can alleviate pain.

Lauren teaches horse safety and care classes, works with at risk youth, facilitates groups and workshops and conducts private coaching sessions with children and adults. Her main focus is improving confidence in both humans and the horses they partner with.

Sacred Hoofprints
Lauren Munger
PO Box 17441
Boulder, CO 80308

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