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coaching-pageWorking with horses is all about connection.

Horses have the unique and inspiring talent of being able to see energy blocks and imbalances in humans. They also can be physical healers, and barometers of things that are out of sync in people.

I am a certified Equine Gestalt Method® Coach who partners with horses to take my clients on a personal journey of healing and self-discovery. I do this by utilizing a variety of techniques common to Gestalt Coaching. A period of discovery begins each session where, as the coach, I help my client sort out an issue that they have brought to the session. Surprisingly, the issue is often not what the client thought but something else.

Once the discovery of the issue has been made clear I bring the horse into the session. It is at this time that the horse will begin its own style of working with my client.

Every horse has the innate ability to help us heal. And, although horses live in the moment and don’t necessarily bring their past into the sessions, one can’t help but celebrate that these horses have been given the opportunity to have a meaningful job and the ability to come full circle with humans.

I consider myself as a guide to help people come into the presence of these gifted horses.  In order to allow the magic to happen and for the person to come away with new found knowledge of wholeness and well-being I often need to simply let the horse do the work. I feel like I work for the horses rather than them working for me. It is this kind of deep understanding and respect for each other that adds the light to the session.

This journey with the horses is both heart opening and eye opening. Being in the presence of horses who heal can be an emotional journey and one that is often met with awe and is filled with Grace.

If you have an interest or a love of horses and have not had the opportunity to be in their presence when they are accessing this profound knowledge, treat yourself to a session so that you can have this experience. It just might change your life!

I have locations in Boulder County, Colorado and am available to set up sessions at those locations upon request.

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