Put down your device and hug a horse!

We are offering adolescents a way to be in the world with humans and horses, donkeys, dogs, cats, the earth and sky and everything natural!

Based on a beautiful little farm in Platteville, Colorado, Camp Unplugged promises to take campers on a journey of self-discovery.

They will learn to care for the animals and the land, learn about gardening and wild edible plants, go hiking, do art projects, tell stories, learn ground work with horses and donkeys and much, much more!

Our goal is to help adolescents understand that there is far more to enjoying life than cell phones and video game. We will show the campers how to care for horses and other farm animals and how to genuinely bond with appreciate the connection they will make.

At the same time we will be teaching social skills, group dynamics, as well as self-esteem and having a lot of fun doing it! Each camper will be guided to choose an art  or research project that they will put together and share at our end of camp ceremony and presentation to friends and family!

Caring for and bonding with the animals is a big part of our focus at Camp Unplugged. We believe that kids will open up more readily to animals than to people so we give them lots of opportunity to do so. They will also learn skills like how to measure a horse’s height and weight, pick their hooves and groom them.

Camp Dates for 2017

July 17-21, 2017
Monday through Friday  9 am – 3 pm
Cost: $295 per week
Location: A beautiful little farm in Platteville, Colorado

“Camp Unplugged” 2015


Camp Directors

Lauren Munger
Lauren is a naturalist and an animal lover. She has lead children’s groups for over two decades and understands the importance of the outdoors and animals in the development of kind and thoughtful humans. She and her horse, Smokey Lonesome, will help campers understand the language of the horse and deep connection.

Annette Price
Annette is a herbalist, author and horse woman. She is opening up her farm to host this incredible camp for adolescents in Weld County. She believes that there is no greater teacher for how to be a good and happy person than to experience farm life and animals. She and her horse, Lakota, will show campers what a gaited horse is. And her dog,T-Bone promises to offer lots of love and humor to the camp experience.

Both Annette and Lauren are certified Equine Gestalt Method coaches and work with the horse and human bond in their private practices.

Contact Lauren with any questions.

Sacred Hoofprints
Lauren Munger
PO Box 17441
Boulder, CO 80308

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