A Hero’s Journey Facilitator’s Training- With or Without Horses

Now you can be an Endorsed Trainer for a workshop that will change the lives of youth and teens who take it!
Have you always wanted to work with children and teens but didn’t know where to begin?

Finally, there is a training to teach you how to lead a workshop that you can present to adolescents and teens that is easy to learn and lead yet will make a profound difference in the lives of those you teach!

The workshop is called A Hero’s Journey and A Hero’s Journey with Horses. They are essentially the same exact workshop but one has the addition of group exercises with horses for the Equine Partnered professionals who desire to work with youth and horses, yet, horse experience is not necessary. The horse exercises are safe and easy to supervise. They are an extra added delight for those wishing to add the equine dynamic to the work or for those who already have an equine based program.

In 5 two and a half to 3 hour sessions this workshop changes lives! Through the use of games, art, puzzles and other fun yet meaningful exercises the participants in the workshop learn strategies for conflict resolution and effective communication. The kids have fun while learning how to cope with the issues in their lives.

They learn what kinds of thing damage self-esteem and what the can do to repair theirs once it is damaged. Through role-playing and acting out scenarios with people in their lives deemed either unsafe or unavailable they learn to say how they feel and what they need to props, mentors and fellow participants. This role playing will help them resolve their conflicts. Trouble with bullies, teachers, parents and even from time to time, friends that cause hurt feelings can be worked through and released in the safety of the workshop.

The exercises with the horses adds a dimension of understanding through the group dynamic that is acted out by a scenario designed to go along with the theme of the particular session. The themes of the 5 sessions are this: Session One – Introduction to a new situation and how to understand identity and one’s place in a group. Session Two – how to speak in front of a group and how to listen with respect. Session Three – What damages self-esteem? Session Four – how to repair one’s own self-esteem and Session Five – discovering the Hero inside.

There is a proven outcome of success in A Hero’s Journey as hundreds of children, adolescents, teens and even some adults have been guided through the exercises in this workshop over the span of ten years. The workshop itself has been so successful that, in an effort to reach more participants, it’s designer and primary leader, Lauren Munger, is determined to train others to lead participants through the series of 5 sessions.

This work is important and essential to the young people of the 21st century with all of the stresses they now face as they are on their journey to adulthood. The workshop has been taught successfully in various situations such as schools as an after school program, hospitals working with Leukemia patients and their siblings, in a camp setting with camp counselors, as part of a day camp, as a self-confidence builder for a group of housewives in Atlanta, at a residential treatment center for abused children, to foster children, autistic children, and to hundred regular school aged children in the Denver/Boulder area of Colorado.

If you are attracted to working with youth, teens and a few select adults in a way that will help them move forward in their lives and are ready to be trained into a new profession of working with them, with or without horses, then this training is for you!

The A Hero’s Journey Facilitator’s Training is a 3 day intensive course taught by founder and director, Lauren Munger, in various locations throughout the United States and Canada.

Similar to a franchise, once you completed the Facilitator’s Training and become an Endorsed Trainer, you will be asked to use the name and the branding as it is in the mother organization. It is not to be changed or altered and you will be required to sign a contract stating that you will deliver the workshop in its entirety exactly as you have been instructed.


How it Works
Once you become an Endorsed Trainer, each session with children will be  2.5 – 3 hours in length, each building on the one previous to it. They may be taught in various ways, every day for 5 days, once weekly for 5 weeks or over a weekend. These sessions are designed to address and bring up specific issues and offer ways to resolve them. Some of the subjects addressed are trust, individual vs group, leadership, self-esteem, bullying, safe and unsafe people, feelings, conflict resolution, and discovering the hero inside.

Facilitators Workshop Components

In this session the focus is on individual vs group. What is it like to meet new people? What are the components of a successful group? We will talk about making a connection and experience it with the horses.

In this session we cover the importance of listening to one another as well as practicing the ability to speak in front of others. We talk about trust and explore it with the other participants as well as the horses.

This session explores self-esteem; what it is and how it gets damaged. Everyone works on their own self-esteem, identifying their own issues and go through an exercise with the horses which identifies the issues.

This session goes into great detail about how to repair one’s self-esteem using role-playing to practice dealing with those who have caused the hurt. Emphasis is on effective communication and releasing feelings. There is an individual exercise with a horse and how to overcome obstacles in one’s life.

In the final session we experience discovering the hero inside and the heroic qualities everyone possesses. The final wrap up is discussing what each individual is bringing back to their lives from the workshop experience. There is a group exercise with a horse.


In the Facilitator’s Training each participant will first go through their own Hero’s Journey, experiencing the workshop exactly as the participants that they will be teaching. After that, they will be taught how to teach each exercise and the ins and outs and whys of each one. There will be ample time to ask questions. Questions about how to deal with specific situations will also be addressed.

Throughout the workshop there are stories and guided imagery which you will be given on paper as well as on a set of CD’s so that you can learn them before presenting them in the workshop. It is imperative that they be delivered as written, unless it is specified that you can make alterations to make it more appropriate for specific age groups.

There are also five separate exercises with horses, each supporting a theme. This is one area where you are free to add or change the exercises if you know of one that you like better from your experience as long as it is relevant to the theme of the session.

There are also many times where it might be appropriate to add a game for the purpose of directing energy, opening up interaction, or creating focus. A list of games will be provided and once again, you are free to add a game that you know if it addresses a specific need.

I want you to be free to bring yourself, your skills and personality into this workshop and there are plenty of places to do that. At the same time, it is important that the integrity of the workshop be maintained so I ask that you stay committed to delivering it as it was written unless specified that it is okay to alter. It will be clear when those times are.

You will also be given a Facilitator’s Guide and a set of audio CD’s explaining in detail how to teach each session. All of the CD’s, the Facilitator’s Guide, and the content of the workshop is under copy write and cannot be copied or shared under penalty of law.

For more information, enroll in a Facilitator’s Training or to set up a workshop in your area, please contact: Lauren@sacredhoofprints.com.


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