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Lauran Munger and Smokie
Parkies and Ponies – A Support Group for People With Parkinson’s

Utilizing the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method, Lauren Munger and her coaching partner, Smokey Lonesome, will work with participants of each group during a two hour clinic held on Wednesdays and Saturdays (schedule is listed below). No horse experience is needed and no riding is involved. Just supportive exercises and coaching to help you work out things about your disease, relationships, or Life in general. Horses have a way of helping humans heal. Come and see what they can do. Choose one or receive a discount for multiple clinics.

Clinics Dates
WEDNESDAY, OCT 10 10am-Noon

SATURDAY, OCT 27 10am-Noon
WEDNESDAY, NOV 7 10am-Noon
SATURDAY, NOV 17 10am-Noon

Cost is $40 per Clinic – $75 for 2 clinics/ $100 for 3 clinics / $120 for 4 clinics


Clinics will be held at Acres of Opportunity Ranch in Lafayette, Colorado

If you want more information or to register, call Lauren at 303-591-4357 or email


To learn more about Lauren and the magic of Equine Gestalt Coaching, read the Davis Phinney Foundation For Parkinson’s blog.

Here is an excerpt from the blog:
We recently had a chance to speak with Lauren Munger, a certified Equine Gestalt Method Coach in the Boulder area. Lauren worked with children and adults for over 30 years as a counselor and workshop leader, and in 2011 she began adding horses to her work. Diagnosed with atypical Parkinsonism in 2015, and after using everything she’d learned about horses to help herself heal from the trauma of receiving the diagnosis and from symptoms that were progressing quite fast, Lauren decided to share this work with others who want to live well with Parkinson’s. READ THE BLOG…


family with horses

Horse Play For Families

A family workshop that is fun and informative. Using games, art and horses to reveal family styles of interaction. This workshop promises to teach communication techniques that insure everyone has a voice. Explore roles in the family and how they affect everyone. Make better choices about empowering one another and create a wheel that demonstrates where our family is compared to where they want to be. Set up a workable plan to achieve your goals.

Watch for upcoming dates

Young girl and horseA Hero’s Journey With Horses Workshops

A Hero’s Journey With Horses is a workshop in self-discovery. Developed from years of studying horse behavior, in this workshop horses help humans discover their own heroic qualities and learn self-respect and respect for others. The exercises in the workshop teach the participants about feelings and how to communicate effectively and contact with the horses offers loving support and how to be in the moment. The result is unequivocally that which inspires the human to believe in themselves. Read more about the program.

Watch for upcoming dates

The Horse Connection; Women/Horses

Ever since we were young girls there has been a magical connection with horses. A spiritual and private unexplained bond between us. This is a group where women can get their “horse fix” and explore together in depth what that connection is about. We will interact with the herd at Acres Of Opportunity Ranch in Lafayette, CO. Through mindfulness meditation, grooming, walking and just simply being with horses will allow a deep and rich experience to emerge. Art, storytelling and personal sharing willbe the avenues of integration.

Watch for upcoming dates

A Hero’s Journey With (or Without) Horses Facilitators Training
I am now offering Facilitators Training for A Hero’s Journey With Horses. If you would like to work with young children, adolescents and teens but don’t know how to begin, this training will benefit anyone who works with children. Horses are an added benefit but are not required. I hope you will find a training near you and join us.

A Hero’s Journey Facilitator Training is now being offered as a self study curriculum.

Watch for more training’s to come.

All participants must confirm by email to
Payment expected at time of instruction.
Questions? Call Lauren at 303-591-4357


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