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“A Hero’s Journey with Horses For Youth”

“A Hero’s Journey With Horses” is a workshop in self-discovery. Welcome to my world, a world filled with love and respect for the horse and a desire to teach people the tools they need to feel better, communicate better and be more of who they really are and long to be.


Team Building

clinic-team-buildingTeam Building is offered to groups – from corporate groups to schools and Boys and Girls clubs. There is no limit to what the horses and leaders can do to promote people who wish to explore the inner workings of their particular group and learn new and more effective ways of working together.

Horse Safety and Care

horse-care-clinicIn these clinics the participants learn how to read horses, equine communication and their expressions, how to be around horses in a safe way and how to care for them.

Discovery Group

discovery-group2Discovery Group –  This group’s primary focus is on the emotional well-being of the participant. Using the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method ™ Lauren guides the participant through a series of exercises with a horse. The purpose is for the person to discover things about themselves and to aid in guiding them to their own inner knowing. The horse becomes Lauren’s partner in mirroring the behavior of the person or acting out through pantomime what is happening or even clearing out energy blocks and balancing the human chakras. These groups are inspiring, educational and an enlightening way to experience horses in a new and different way.

All of these clinics, groups and workshops can be attended by individuals from the general public. Anyone having questions or wishing to enroll, may feel free to contact Lauren.

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