suzhou bennett cleaning machine co., ltd.-九游会官网平台来天生赢家一触即发官网

bennett global partners



  • brand advantage

    china's high-end cleaning equipment brand

  • product advantage

    continuous research and development, providing high-quality, cost-effective products

  • price policy

    uniform market price, profit protected

  • regional protection

    exclusive operation in the distribution area

  • advertising support

    online and offline promotion and marketing support

  • after-sales training

    on-site training at bennett for distributor’s service people

join conditions

1. identify bennett's brand management philosophy and business model

2. willing to promote bennett brand and image of grow with bennett together

3. comply with bennett’s policies of market management and pricing

4. necessary business place and complete organizational structure

5. experience in brand management and sales management in cleaning industry preferred

join process
  • 01
  • 02
  • 03
    agreement signing
  • 04
    formal operation
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