Sacred Hoofprints, A Spiritual Journey with Horses

When I look into the eyes of a horse I see God, Spirit, and the Universe. My involvement with them is a spiritual journey. I always learn about who I am at any given moment when I am around a horse.
Horses live in the moment, every moment all of the time. They ask as much from us. Be here with me, right here, right now. Horses do not tolerate us being in our heads or in the future or the past. They ask us to be authentic, real, and honest with ourselves. If you are honest with your feelings the horse will choose to be with you. They will reflect back to you your emotions, clarity or confusion. They can be a barometer for your life.

It is nearly impossible to not experience one’s heart or feelings around a horse. They bring us into connection with our hearts and emotions. This is why I ask horses to partner with me in my coaching sessions with my clients. A client can come to me with a desire to work on some aspect of their life and I will use a variety of methods to help them get in touch with the issues. I will then put them in a round pen with a horse and allow the horse to work its magic.

Horses have the innate ability to work with a person’s energy field. They can clear chakras, remove unwanted negative energy and dissipate it into the air, and some can even perform physical healing. Other horses will pantomime and act out events in a person’s life, giving them clarity about the event.Horses make wonderful coaching partners. If you love horses, you will love working with them at Sacred Hoofprints. If you wish to learn about yourself or something in your life come and work with me and the horses.

A Hero's Journey Training Program



Through the Equine Gestalt Method®, I partner with horses to take my clients on a personal journey of healing and self-discovery.

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Sacred Hoofprints
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